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29 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2010
  • Regional Champion 2010

Food Behind Closed Doors

In this outstanding video, the children investigated where in the world their food comes from. The contents of lunch boxes and school lunches were examined to see where the food had been grown and how far it had travelled to be eaten by the children.

They visited the school’s fruit and vegetable supplier to find out which English produce he had bought that day. They then went on to visit a local farmers’ market to find out what was available there and they found that most of it was very local indeed and the longest journey to the market was of just 30 miles.

Inspired by this, they then looked at growing their own and visited two of their classmates at their families’ allotments. They talked passionately about the odd shaped but chemical free vegetables that they had grown themselves. It was clear that all of the children took a real interest and were keen to take up the challenge of growing their own food in the future.

Apart from the great message, what was also striking about this project was the highly professional job the children did of presenting their documentary. It was a report that many TV journalists would have been proud of.