Knockbreck Primary School

Totally Clued Up


22 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2010
  • Regional Champion 2010

Knockbreck Bird Company

The children of Knockbreck Primary took a very enterprising approach with their project to provide bird feeders for the school community. They formed a company and set up a selection process for the company’s senior executives. Having appointed the Board and decided on a company logo, they looked at which products they would make.

In the end, they concluded that bird feeders were the best product for them to produce. They researched competitors to assess how they should price their bird feeders and to find out which ingredients to use.

They sent letters to parents about their Bird Company inviting them to buy bird feeders for their homes. Much preparation went into a sales evening held at the school, with the creation of packaging for the feeders, logoed name badges for the team and order forms for customers who wanted more bird feeders than were available on the night. The sale was very successful and the team made a profit.

This was a great piece of work, which had many different elements to it and which improved the lives of many birds around Tain whilst giving the young people a real insight into forming a business.