Clayesmore Preparatory School

Totally Clued Up

Wales & West

34 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2018

Time's Up for SUP!

The Year 6 pupils of Clayesmore Preparatory School have learned about the terrible environmental problems caused by plastic waste entering our oceans.  They decided to inform everybody in their school community of the desperate situation and set out to identify how they could make a difference by reducing use of single-use plastics.  They took part in a wide range of activities including: presenting a special assembly; writing a play and a rap; designing persuasive posters and pamphlets; interviewing staff; coordinating a water bottle logo competition and creating a computer game with a plastic theme.  The outcome of this compelling campaign was that they succeeded in making pupils, parents and staff more aware of the environmental damage single-use plastics cause. The school now thinks more carefully about they way they are used in the kitchens, at break time and in the classroom. The water bottle competition produced a design for a new re-usable water bottle for pupils, so they no longer need to buy single use bottles for school trips.