Ryhall C E Academy

Totally Scientific


150 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2018

From Land to Sea: Animals and Our Environment/ Precious Rainforests

 Ryhall CE Academy has done a fantastic job of using the Science curriculum to promote environmental learning.  All children at the school have taken part in a huge range of activities including: identifying mini-beasts and making an amazing wormery; learning about life cycles and planting their own beans; making posters on the danger of litter to wildlife; researching endangered sea animals; designing reusable fabric shopping bags and producing a display on adaptation.  The whole school also took part in an environmental research project on eco areas that interested them - this inspired some fantastic learning and work was displayed for pupils, their families and governors to see.

Year 5 at Ryhall CE Academy produced their own special project on rainforests.  This involved research, persuasive writing, preparing a presentation on deforestation, writing to Sir David Attenborough and inventing their own animals that were perfectly adapted to live in the rainforest.  The children then went on to do a whole class assembly where they shared all their learning with the whole school, staff and families.