Wicor County Primary School

Totally Clued Up

South/ Central

440 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2018

#turnthetide #raise the bar

The children of Wicor Primary School have been on a mission to remove single-use plastic, not only from their school, but also from their homes.  They have succeeded in eliminating all single-use plastic used within their school lunches and tuck shop, with the exception of yoghurt pots which are washed up and reused as plant pots in their greenhouses - this is a fantastic achievement!  As part of their campaign, they have also taken part in a huge range of activities such as writing letters, making posters and working with local companies to reduce their use of single-use plastics.  Today's young people will be a major force in changing our world for the better and Wicor Primary School are very much at the forefront of them.

The children of Wicor Primary School were also very successful at the Southern Rock Challenge competition with their entry ‘Turning the Tide’.  The concept for the dance was following the path of a plastic bottle thrown away on our shores, pulled through the tides into the seas, along the sea bed and into the Polynesian communities who rely on the seas for their food and income.  The fantastic props and costumes were made from recycled materials and the performance was spectacular.