Turners Hill CE Primary School

Totally Clued Up

South/ Central

20 Pupils Involved
  • Highly Commended 2018

From Our Village Field to The Amazon Rainforest - How Do They Compare?

Turners Hill CE Primary School's project focused on a comparison of environmental impacts in two very contrasting areas - the effects of a local building site on the local wildlife and environment within their village and the effects of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.  The children researched the new building project taking place in their village and questioned the builders to ensure that they were doing all they could to protect the wildlife living there.  The contrast with the Amazon rainforest was a fascinating one and the children's Skype interview with Monkey World was a fantastic idea.  It's great that they have decided to adopt two marmosets!  The children also produced a leaflet on protecting monkeys, which is full of excellent information for tourists and even includes enrichment toy designs for the monkeys!