St Bride's Primary School

Totally Creative


44 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2018


The purpose of St. Bride’s Primary School's project was to involve all the children in reducing landfill waste.  Their aim was to create their own ‘Swap Shop’ in school involving children, parents and the wider community.  This would enable people to regularly bring in unwanted items of clothing and swap them for something else. The children took responsibility for the different roles including merchandising, administration, quality control, advertising and design.  They even composed and performed a rap at the launch of their amazing swap shop, which they called 'IN 2 SWAPPING'. 

The children of St Bride's have created a fantastic resource, not just for their school, but for their community too.  They've learned some very important lessons about the environmental impacts of what we wear and how, by swapping clothes, we can minimise our environmental impacts.  They've also learned about how to set up a business.  Since the launch, many customers have joined and they have successfully involved their community of St. Bride’s in regular ‘Swap Shop’ days.  What a great success!