Foula Primary School

Totally Active


3 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2014

Foula School and Community Polycrub

Foula has a full-time population of just 32 people, so the school’s three children had a lot of work to do.  They had started the project with six children, but three of them had to leave to go secondary school in Lerwick.  The children looked at how food used to be produced on Foula, before embarking on a project to obtain the funding they needed to create a polycrub (polytunnel) for not only the school, but the whole of the island’s community.  They were successful in obtaining over £4,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund so that the polycub could be built!  At the grand opening of the polycrub, over £160 was raised for charity by a sale of cakes and teas.

YPTE Director, Peter Littlewood, said: “We often see Total Green School Awards projects where schoolchildren have managed to have an impact on their local community.  However, the impact the children’s efforts have had on the people of Foula is exceptional!  What a brilliant achievement!  The polycrub is going to provide the people of Foula with a great resource for growing vegetables for the whole community and help to make the island more sustainable.”