Y G G Trebannws

Totally Creative

Wales & West

3 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2016

Cerddorfa Cwl and Gwisgoedd Gwych

The children of YGG Trebannws designed and created some absolutely fantastic musical instruments from recycled materials. The instruments are all well designed and beautifully made, ranging from stringed to percussion instruments.  There is even a ukelele made from layered cardboard and featuring a Welsh dragon motif!

The second part of YGG Trebannws' superb project is a collection of clothes; made from recycled materials, each item has beeen designed and hand-made to create designer "Reuse, Reduced & Recycled" pieces.  This recycled clothing collection really is brilliant, featuring ingenious design and use of everyday materials such as cardboard and bin bags.  Items include skirts, dresses, flip flops and a top hat with waist coat!  The very original and innovative clothing range was showcased in a school fashion show, enjoyed by all.  

YGG Trebannws must be congratulated on producing such a creative and inspiring project.