Drumbowie Primary School

Totally Powered Up


17 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2016

Burnhead Windfarm - Exploring Renewable Energy in our Local Community

When the children of Drumbowie Primary School heard that a wind farm was to be be built nearby, they decided to embark on a project that investigated renewable energy, with particular focus on wind farms and their infrastructure.  They produced a very lively and enthusiastic video that showcases everything they have learned. They also held an open afternoon to share their learning with parents and friends of the school.  

The children demonstrate their understanding of the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources and have lots of fun testing out an anemometer on a very windy day!  They were then all given the challenge of building a moving windmill out of Lego and their models were used to create their own model windfarm.  The children of Drumbowie Primary School must be congratulated on their excellent project about renewable energy.