The Deenway Montessori School

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80 Pupils Involved
  • Special Award 2016

Designing a Zero Carbon Garden

The Deenway Montessori School is located in an urban area with little green space.  But the school was determined to have its own urban garden and has successfully created an outdoor classroom on a completely tarmacked plot of land.  The children, with a little help, built the planters themselves and the hard landscaping is made up of renewable, recycled or reused material that was locally sourced.

The plants in the school's organic garden have been specially selected to reinforce learning across the curriculum and also reflect the Islamic ethos of the school, including trees mentioned in the Quran.  The fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices grown and harvested on the grounds supplement the pupils’ education on eating healthily and have inspired families to grow their own food at home.  

The Deenway Montessori School must be congratulated on working so hard to create such a wonderful garden that the children so clearly enjoy working in and that will enhance learning for years to come.