Wicor County Primary School

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  • Special Award 2016

Food - Making Choices

Wicor County Primary School has produced an amazing Food Fortnight project and is a school that is clearly passionate about the environment.  They have been producing their own food for six years and have their own allotment area, orchard, edible hedging and raised beds, which are tended to by all the children in the school.  The Year 6 children run an Organic Veg Box scheme via the school website - this involves planting, nurturing, harvesting, advertising, taking orders, phoning customers and dealing with the finances.  Last year they sold over 70 boxes and the money raised was put back into the allotments.  The scheme has had other great benefits - parents report that it encourages children to eat more vegetables, parents to cook with different vegetables and many people now share recipes on the school website.

The children are involved in many more fantastic local food activities and learning including: caring for the school's hens; finding out where our food comes from; and taking part in an amazing whole school cook-in day.  Wicor County Primary School has so impressed local companies with their environmental learning that they have recieved some fantastic support from them, such as after-school cooking sessions and demonstrations.  They are even going to be producing their own Wicor sausage, with the help of an award winning local butcher.  Wicor County Primary School must be congratulated on their incredible commitment to environmental learning and their many brilliant achievements.