The Olive Tree Primary School Bolton

Totally Clued Up


60 Pupils Involved
  • Special Award 2016

All 'Green Fingered' Out! & Project Recycle! Fight Waste...... for a Greener Space!

The Olive Tree Primary School is located in a built-up area with limited green areas.  Their first project sets out with a mission to maximise the potential of the space they have for outdoor learning.  The children have been very busy planting trees, setting up a gardening club and growing some delicious vegetables.  It is great to see photographs of the children doing such fantastic work in their school grounds and having lots of fun doing it.

In order to further encourage the children to look after their environment, a whole school initiative was introduced to encourage recycling, both at home and at school.  The children's work is presented in an impressive video which includes some excellent research, a debate, a fantastic fashion show and some great recycling poems.  Well done to Olive Tree Primary School for your excellent environmental work!