St Edmund's Catholic Primary School

Totally Active

South/ Central

30 Pupils Involved
  • Special Award 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School has a Gardening Club that has put a huge amount of time, effort and energy into creating a purpose built gardening area in their school grounds.  They have succeeded in turning a patch of turf into a vibrant fenced gardening plot. This has involved digging the flower beds, planting and learning about a range of fruit, vegetables and flowers. The club have also introduced a range of features in their garden to encourage wildlife and insects, such as a bug hotel and a home for hedgehogs. 

The Gardening Club was able to sell some of its produce to help fund the purchase of more plants and small gardening tools. It also ran an ‘Unusual Planter’ competition; this involved and inspired the whole school community, whilst adding some colour to other areas of the school grounds. 

Huge congratulations must go to the members of St Edmund's Catholic Primary School's Gardening Club.  Their hard work and commitment has resulted in a wonderful garden that can now be used and enjoyed by the whole school and will support outdoor learning for many years to come.  What an amazing achievement!