Sheringham Community Primary School

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25 Pupils Involved
  • Special Award 2016

Glow with Eco

Sheringham Community Primary School has a very dedicated and hard working Eco Club.  When the school received some ENCAP funding for environmental improvements, the Eco Club decided how it should be spent.  As lighting was one of the largest utility expenses highlighted by the school energy audit, the children decided that this was the issue they would tackle.  The Eco Club made their own fanatstic video to tell us how they spent the funding and why.  After carrying out some research, they decided that having LED lighting in the rooms that were used the most would save energy and money.  So they then wrote to local electricians and arranged for the lights in the hall and canteen to be replaced with LEDs.  Well done to the Eco Club of Sheringham Community Primary School for making a real difference to the amount of energy used by your school.