Longlands Primary School

Totally Creative

South/ Central

33 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2016

Creature Creations! & Homework Challenge

The children of Longlands Primary School have been very busy creating a spectacular new art display for their school.  They worked alongside a local artist and used a range of clever techniques to produce some fantastic effects.  The artwork uses only recycled materials and the children made ingenious use of everyday items such as milk bottles, cardboard tubes and buttons. The finished masterpiece is amazing and features beautiful sea creatures such as a seahorse, dolphin, crab and starfish. The children clearly had great fun producing their wonderful piece of art and it is now on display for everyone to enjoy.  It even features in the school's local newspaper!

The children enjoyed their recyclable themed artwork so much, that they also created some amazing sculptures of British landmarks, dinosuars and modes of transport.  They used a range of materials and proved that everyday items can be re-used to create something spectacular.   It was fantastic to see such ingenuity, effort and creativity in this project.  A big well done to Longlands Primary School for their wonderful achievements!