Rustington Community Primary School

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  • Special Award 2016

Environmental Projects

Rustington Community Primary School has been busy working on a number of fantastic environmental projects.  The Year 5 children carry out a thorough annual beach clear up, which includes a statistical analysis of their findings and identifies changing litter trends over the years.  The school has a very dedicated Eco Club; they send out regular leaflets to parents informing them of how they can be more environmentally friendly and produce fantastic posters for the school.  The children have also carried out some excellent research on environmental topics such as global warming, our carbon footprint and how we can all save energy.

The environment has been used as a theme in some beautiful pieces of creative work.  Drawing inspiration from the work of environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, the children have built thier own wonderful environmental sculptures and have produced some lovely pieces of creative writing.  The children of Rustington Community Primary School must be congratulated on the fantastic environmental work they have done this year.