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Perry Hall's Pass-It-On Project

Perry Hall Primary School is justifiably proud of its reuse schemes, which benefit the local community while reducing the need for the production of new items and eliminating waste. The school's reusable uniform scheme has expanded to include school shoes and coats, while new schemes have been introduced for reusable football boots and fancy dress.  Resuable party packs for birthdays are also available.  The children are very much involved and since lockdown ended, the Eco-Committee has asked the children to share ideas for creating new schemes, create a business plan and advertising for them. 

In the summer term last year, while home-schooling, the year 4 pupils conducted investigations into plastic pollution and deforestation. They wrote letters to their local MP and created videos and worksheets.  The children made the link between consumerism contributing both to deforestation and to an increase in plastic waste going to landfill.

YPTE’s Director Peter Littlewood said, “It has been fantastic to see the amazing reuse schemes that Perry Hall Primary School has introduced.  They not only help to save parents money; they stop items from going to landfill and reduce the need for new items to be produced too.”