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  • Regional Winner 2022

Climate Action: Community Food and Plant Growing

Following last year's lack of produce and unsuccessful growing, Stow's P6/7s undertook investigations and research to gain an understanding of why their crops didn’t grow and what they would need to do to ensure that their community food and plant growing project was a success in tacking both climate change and the biodiversity crisis. 

Throughout autumn pupils were surveyed and meetings were held with the school cook regarding the types of plants and vegetables that they could grow, the seasonality of some vegetables was also discussed. Considering factors like soil quality and sunlight, planters were positioned to maximum the growing potential for identified plants and vegetables. Leaves were collected for leaf mould and a leave mould and composting area created. Enhancements to the poly tunnel were made which included a raised bed and shelving both of which were made from wooden pallets designed and constructed by a parent. 

In January, experimental planting took place within the poly tunnel to ascertain whether the growing of vegetables and herbs all year round was an option and younger classes were allocated planters to grow wheat in as part of the Grow Your Own Loaf initiative. 

Following advice from a local gardener, wild flowers and herbs were planted to create a bee corridor within the grounds.  The food and plant growing project has given pupils the opportunity to extend their understanding and make connections across learning of ways to tackle climate change while also giving them an appreciation of the benefits of multi generational and community partnership working through the involvement of parents and grandparents.