Chiltern Primary School

Green Researchers

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30 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2022

Key Stage 2 Environmental Investigations

These projects looked at different issues:-

Year 4 Ways of the Wolf
The children researched about the importance of Apex Predators in a food chain and the impact they have upon the biome in which they live. The children were inspired by the 1995 trial of re-releasing 14 wolves into Yellowstone Park. They began researching about wolves and were shocked to discover that the hunting of wolves in America would become legal again! The children were devastated and we set about making Wolf factfiles which were sent to Yellowstone Park to help challenge the hunting law.

Year 4 Who Eats Who?
In Spring Term 1, the children focused their learning around the question 'Who eats who?' The children explored this question in Science, Art and English.  The children enjoyed finding out the names of British Wildlife including the vast array of British birds. This then linked into the RSPB's 'Big Garden Bird Watch'

Year 5 Rainforest Explorers
The Year 5 children explored rainforests through their Geography, Science and English work. They visited Marwell Zoo’s living rainforest as well as completing homework about rainforests. They learnt about the threats to rainforests as well as the things we can do to protect rainforests for future generations.