Coed Glas Primary School

Green Creators

Wales & West

12 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2023

Crisp and Cozy

Coed Glas' Change Maker group looked into how they could recycle crisp wrappers more effectively.  Schools can become local hubs for foil collections but the were growing impatient waiting for Terracycle to agree a new collection point.

The Change Maker group discussed the ever increasing homeless issue within Cardiff while making plans for their community larder.  Initially they had wanted to offer meals to homeless people, but they had to think again.

After some research, the children realised they could still help the homeless community by collecting discarded crisp wrappers and upcycling them into sleeping bags.  Crisp wrapper sleeping bags offer a layer of waterproofing and a degree of insulation that many do not have access to.  

With the support of the whole school (and lots of yummy packed lunches), the children collected and cleaned crisp wrappers and spent time practising putting them together safely.   They hope to be delivering their first crisp wrapper sleeping bags soon!