Killyhommon Primary School

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Scotland & Northern Ireland

80 Pupils Involved
  • Runner Up 2023

Field Of Potatoes

The children of Killyhommon Primary School were given a very unusual opportunity when a farmer, whose land neighbours the school gave them permission to plant and grow their own potatoes in the field next to the school.  The farmer also oversaw the whole thing, to make sure the children learned as much as possible from the experience.  The children planted the potatoes and cared for them whilst they grew.  They were also responsible for harvesting and bagging the potatoes, which were then sold to the local community.  The children got great value out of this project.  They were amazed that the potatoes actually grew and that they were able to sell them.  They also enjoyed considering how the profits would be spent to benefit the school.  As a result of their experience, a lot of the children have been inspired to plant their own vegetables at home.  The children have already got some great ideas for what they are going to plant and sell next year!