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  • Regional Champion 2023

Save Our Futures Event 2023

Liberty Woodland School is probably the UK’s first fully outdoor school, where environmentalism is taught as a core subject to all students.  Save Our Futures, is a London-wide community festival, which takes place in the school grounds at Morden Lodge and is themed around protecting our environment. It’s planned, organised and operated by the children.

The idea for Save Our Futures came from the children, who had decided that they wanted to become eco-influencers and that they needed an environmental project which would have an impact in their local community.

All of the classes contributed to the event.  The Reception children made recycled paper for their artwork and poetry.

Year 1 and 2 designed a paper making station where visitors could turn their hand at hand making paper from waste paper.

The Year 2 and 3 children created a “zero-pound shop” where that created and sold items without spending any money.

The Year 4, 5 and 6 children undertook the mission to become River Rangers.

It was hugely successful and was attended by 450 local families. Visitors gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the learning they took away from the children’s work and the inspiration they felt to do more to safeguard the environment.