Coed Glas Primary School

Green Entrepreneurs

Wales & West

12 Pupils Involved
  • Runner Up 2023


The school's Changer Maker representatives were disheartened by the amount of waste being produced by post Covid-19 single use canteen supplies.  Pre-wrapped wooden cutlery sets were being provided for children when they collected their school dinner.  Even when these packs were not opened by pupils, they were not allowed back in the canteen to be reissued and had to be binned.
The Change Makers decided to save unused cutlery and unopened packs and to upcycle them into Christmas tree decorations.  They gave up every lunchtime break and two afternoons for three weeks to make a variety of seasonal decorations including, forked antler reindeers, knife winged angels with spoon faces, scrap paper ornaments and pint sized plant pots.  

This upcycled collection was sold to parents and the local community at school Christmas Concerts and raised a whopping £158.66  The money was used to buy four new food bins to go around the school.  The Change Makers created and delivered an assembly explaining the importance of reducing waste and ensuring that any waste that does get created is disposed of correctly.  
The Change Makers also bought seeds and compost for each class to plant in the edible playground.  Year groups were given a bed each to sow their seeds and grow a variety of fruits, veggies and herbs.

The Change Makers now have ambitions to create a community larder in school and partly stock it with our produce.  They intend to use their PAGES prize money to help their vision become a reality.