Crumlin Controlled Intergrated Primary School

Green Creators

Scotland & Northern Ireland

160 Pupils Involved
  • Runner Up 2023

Outdoor learning within the community and school

Following Civid lockdowns, children and staff were keen to utilise their outdoor space to create a quiet, peaceful area where the community and children could go not only to stimulate their senses with the different smells, sounds, textures and colours but also  to play together and discover new things in a very tactile way.  
Parents and community have recognised the positive impact of the Sensory Garden on the children's mental health and emotional wellbeing. The children have all enjoyed learning about the different types of plants that attract pollinators and why pollinators are so important for the local environment. The children have been extremely keen to join the gardening club and help create and care for the community garden, including taking responsibility for maintaining the garden and wildlife areas. 
The gardens have been so successful in encouraging and teaching children about growing and caring for plants that this year's Primary 7 class have decided to create their own area for the school and named it ‘Welcome to the jungle’ as they learn about endangered animals. They cleared the area and researched various plants to use.