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  • Highly Commended 2018

Plastic - Not So Fantastic

The children of Class 4 at Highpark Language Communication Resource have been investigating the environmental issue of plastic in the oceans and learning how they can reduce their use of single-use plastics. They noticed that single-use plastic cups were being used in the lunch hall only to be thrown out in the rubbish, so they decided to collect all the plastic cups being used for a week. They then made a sculpture using the cups to show how much plastic they threw out each week. The children wrote to the catering company in charge of their school lunches, as well as their local MSP and Councillors, asking for a change to reusable cups. They then presented their findings in assembly, encouraging the boys and girls to take an ocean pledge to reduce plastic waste.  The children should feel very proud that through their project they have actually achieved real change, both in their school and in the offices of their local MSP.